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Pro7 - Prosieben ist einer von meistgesehenen Sendern in Deutschland, aber beim meisten Webseite luft RTL2 nicht, whrend die Musik-Redaktion mit einem Einspieler von Cant keep my hands to myself hinsichtlich der Knickknack-Spekulation nur wenig im Bereich der Andeutung belassen will. Du nimmst dazu einen Teil des Trailers, Peter Becker und Tina Ullrich. Aber der Schauspieler konnte die Notbremse ziehen und hat sein Leben komplett gendert VOX Prominent!

The Strain Episodenguide

August verlängerte FX The Strain um eine zweite Staffel mit 13 Episoden, diese wurde vom Juli bis zum 4. Oktober in den Vereinigten Staaten. Der Episodenguide zu The Strain umfasst 4 Staffeln mit 46 Episoden. Die Episodenliste der einzelnen Staffeln seht ihr nachfolgend. Tipp! The Strain Staffel 4 Episodenguide: In unseren Episodenliste findest Du Bilder und Informationen zur Handlung der einzelnen Folgen.

The Strain

Hier findet ihr die Staffeln und Episoden der Serie "The Strain" mit den deutschen Ausstrahlungs-Terminen auf ProSieben, Infos, Videos, Bildern und mehr. Der The Strain Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 46 Episoden von The Strain in der Übersicht. The Strain Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2​, Staffel 3, Staffel 4. anzeigen. Filter: Staffel 3. Verfügbar auf MagentaTV.

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THE STRAIN - Staffel 1 - Clips German Deutsch

The Strain – News „Ratched“: Mit dem Eispickel durch den Frontallappen – Review Ryan Murphys neue Serie ist mehr „American Horror Story“ denn „Kuckucksnest“-Prequel „Ratched“: Trailer zur diabolischen Krankenschwester in der neuen Netflix- Serie Emmy-Preisträgerin Sarah Paulson portätiert Kultfigur. Von der US-Serie The Strain wurden 46 Episoden produziert. Die amerikanische Fernsehserie kommt auf insgesamt vier Staffeln. Die amerikanische Fernsehserie kommt auf insgesamt vier Staffeln. The Strain [edit | edit source] From his climate-controlled homes in Dark Harbor, Virginia, and Manhattan, Palmer monitors the arrival of Flight and the subsequent Occultation of the Sun that allows The Master to escape JFK Airport. He also provides sanctuary at one of his properties after the Master's casket is transported across the East River into Manhattan. A thriller that tells the story of Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City. He and his team are called upon to investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with hallmarks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism. As the strain spreads, Eph, his team, and an assembly of everyday New Yorkers, wage war for the fate of humanity itself. The Strain is an American horror drama television series that premiered on FX on July 13, It was created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name. Carlton Cuse serves as executive producer and showrunner. During the course of the series, 46 episodes of The Strain aired over four seasons.

Episode der 2. Regie führte Gregory Hoblit und Guillermo del Toro nach einem Drehbuch von Carlton Cuse und Chuck Hogan. Originaltitel: Willkommen in der Herde Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Willkommen in der Herde" ist die 2.

Regie führte TJ Scott nach einem Drehbuch von Bradley Thompson und David Weddle. Originaltitel: Blutige Botschaft Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Blutige Botschaft" ist die 3.

Regie führte Guy Ferland nach einem Drehbuch von Regina Corrado. Originaltitel: Der silberne Engel Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der silberne Engel" ist die 4.

Miles Dale nach einem Drehbuch von Chuck Hogan. Originaltitel: Kurz und schmerzlos Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Kurz und schmerzlos" ist die 5.

Miles Dale nach einem Drehbuch von Liz Phang. Regie führte Howard Deutsch nach einem Drehbuch von Justin Britt-Gibson.

Originaltitel: Der Blutgeborene Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der Blutgeborene" ist die 7. Regie führte Howard Deutsch nach einem Drehbuch von Chuck Hogan.

Originaltitel: Occido Lumen Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Occido Lumen" ist die 8. Regie führte Kevin Dowling nach einem Drehbuch von David Weddle und Bradley Thompson.

Originaltitel: Die Schlacht um Red Hook Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Die Schlacht um Red Hook" ist die 9. Regie führte Kevin Dowling nach einem Drehbuch von Regina Corrado.

Originaltitel: Der Anschlag Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der Anschlag" ist die Regie führte Phil Abraham nach einem Drehbuch von Liz Phong. Originaltitel: Mayfield Hotel Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Mayfield Hotel" ist die Regie führte Phil Abraham nach einem Drehbuch von Carlton Cuse und Regina Corrado.

Regie führte Vincenzo Natali nach einem Drehbuch von Bradley Thompson und David Weddle. Originaltitel: Der letzte Zug Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Der letzte Zug" ist die Regie führte Vincenzo Natali nach einem Drehbuch von Carlton Cuse und Chuck Hogan.

Staffel 1. Originaltitel: Flug Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Flug " ist die 1. Episode der 1. Regie führte Guillermo del Toro nach einem Drehbuch von Guillermo del Toro und Chuck Hogan.

Originaltitel: Blutdurst Erstausstrahlung: Nora finds him unconscious and revives him; he confesses that his advanced age 94 makes it necessary to use the worm brew to sustain his health and extend his life.

Dutch spots a missing person poster for her former roommate, Nikki. She and Fet visit Nikki's mother, hoping for news, but the mother angrily accuses Dutch of ruining her daughter's life.

Gus and Vaun lead a strigoi assault team to kidnap Palmer; however, Palmer activates an anti-strigoi UV device in his office, forcing Gus to flee while Vaun and his strigoi team are burned alive.

Eph and Nora perfect their anti-strigoi bio-weapon. The neuro-toxin kills one subject too quickly however, making it ineffective for infecting other strigoi; a weaker dose appears promising, and they decide to field-test it by releasing the surviving test subject.

Eph angrily vows to the Master, who is watching through the test subject, that he will kill both Zach and himself before allowing the Master to turn them.

Miles Dale Guillermo del Toro Luchador film. A short, black and white film introduces the Silver Angel, a famous luchador who once starred in a series of low-budget Mexican adventure movies until a crippling injury ended his career.

In a flashback to , Setrakian informs Palmer that he has traced the Occido Lumen to an Austrian nunnery. They arrive and discover the occupants are now vampires; a lone survivor, a young boy named Rudyard, tells them that the Mother Superior destroyed the Occido Lumen , believing it was evil.

While Setrakian briefly leaves to battle strigoi, Eichhorst arrives and introduces himself to Palmer. It is implied that Eichhorst offers Palmer immortality, as Palmer immediately dissolves his and Setrakian's alliance when he returns.

In the present day, Palmer convenes a meeting of the world's top financial leaders under the ruse of restoring financial stability to New York City; he has actually set them up to be slaughtered by strigoi under Bolivar's command, resulting in global financial markets going into free fall.

Having escaped the Stoneheart building, Gus returns to his apartment where the Master taunts him by possessing his strigoi mother.

Shaken, he goes to a restaurant for solace, but has a confrontation with the dishwasher after flirting with the owners' daughter, Aanya; Gus later recognizes the man as the former Silver Angel, who he idolized as a child.

Setrakian and Dutch travel to Staten Island seeking Fitzwilliam's help in fighting Palmer, but he declines.

Eph and Nora field-test their bio-weapon and get confirmation that it works when the Master forces infected strigoi to commit suicide to prevent them spreading the disease.

Working alone, Fet blows up the Red Hook subway tunnel to block vampires from entering through it; he is captured by one of Feraldo's vigilante goon squads and viciously beaten.

Kelly and her Feelers close in on Zach. NYC increases its efforts to battle the strigoi as frantic citizens attempt to evacuate the city.

Meanwhile, Kelly and her Feelers continue searching for Zach. Leaving Zach in Nora's care, Eph, disguised and using a false I.

Nora and Dutch meet with Councilwoman Feraldo to negotiate Fet's release from custody in exchange for Nora teaching Feraldo's medical personnel how to quickly diagnose the strigoi infection.

She euthanizes Feraldo's infected nephew when Feraldo is unable to do it. Setrakian visits Alonso Creem, wanting to hire him to search for the Occido Lumen.

Fet and Dutch accompany Feraldo's police squad to clear a strigoi-infested building, teaching them their vampire-hunting techniques and killing a Feeler.

Fitzwilliam finds Setrakian and says he is ready to help fight Palmer. While on the train to Washington, Eph encounters his former boss, Everett Barnes, who intends to have Eph arrested.

During the ensuing altercation, Eph accidentally throws Barnes off the moving train and ultimately arrives in Washington without being caught.

Cardinal McNamara interrupts Palmer and Marchand's romantic dinner to inform Palmer that a "certain item" Palmer is looking for may reappear soon.

An unknown strigoi arrives on a private jet that has breached New Jersey's restricted airspace. Before authorities can detain him, he leaves the airport and is picked up by a car.

In Washington, D. Eph's old friend, Rob Bradley, introduces Eph to a National Guard contact who promises to help. Bradley also arranges for Eph to meet Leigh Thomas, a representative for Kemerall, a pharmaceutical company.

Leigh convinces Kemerall to consider mass-producing Eph and Nora's anti-strigoi bioweapon; later, Leigh and Eph celebrate, then spend the night together.

Fitzwilliam shares what he knows about Palmer's plans with Setrakian and Fet. The unnamed strigoi who arrived in New Jersey meets with the Ancients and criticizes them for failing to destroy the Master long ago; he agrees to help stop the Master, but for personal reasons.

Gus and Angel escort Aanya on a food delivery run, during which they are attacked by strigoi. Gus kills the strigoi with Angel's help. Nora and Zach are ambushed by Kelly and her Feelers.

Taking refuge in a church, the duo evade them until Setrakian, Fet, and Fitzwilliam arrive. The group drives off Kelly and kills the Feelers but not before one stings Fitzwilliam.

Setrakian kills him to prevent his turning. After Leigh learns that Kemerall is reviewing the bioweapon on a fast-track basis, she and Eph go to Rob's house to tell him, but discover his body, the victim of a Stoneheart assassin sent to eliminate Eph.

The assassin kills Leigh and wounds Eph, but Eph fatally shoots him and flees. Eichhorst is shocked and dismayed when the Master transfers his essence into Bolivar's body rather than his.

The Master then demands that Eichhorst swear fealty to him in his new form. Fet and Dutch return to Dutch's apartment where they discover Nikki, Dutch's former roommate, hiding.

Dutch brings her back to their hideout, fueling Fet's jealousy and anger over Dutch and Nikki's ambiguous relationship.

Based on Fitzwilliam's information, Fet and Setrakian investigate an abandoned factory owned by Palmer and discover the Feelers' nursery.

When Feelers attack, the mysterious strigoi arrives and slaughters them. He introduces himself to Fet and Setrakian as Quinlan, and says he is hunting the Master.

Flashbacks reveal Quinlan's history as a millennia-old human-vampire hybrid who was a feared and vicious gladiator in Roman times. In the present day, Setrakian and Quinlan confront the Master, who is nesting in the factory, and also Eichhorst.

When Fet dynamites the building, the Master escapes in the explosion. Quinlan angrily blames Setrakian and Fet for thwarting his opportunity to destroy the Master, then warns them to abandon the hunt to him.

Coco Marchand entices Palmer into bed. Drinking heavily, a wounded and dejected Eph returns from Washington, learning that Zach barely escaped Kelly's clutches.

Eph tells Nora that Eldritch Palmer is behind the Master's plan, and later vows to Fet that he plans to kill Palmer. Kevin Dowling.

Eichhorst teaches Kelly how to disguise herself as a human using cosmetics, prosthetics, and a wig. Eph and Zach visit Jimmy Wu, a black market dealer that Fet knows, to buy a sniper rifle with which to assassinate Palmer.

Wu has been shot, and Eph performs emergency surgery to save Wu's life. In return, Wu's daughter gives Eph a rifle.

Eph tells Nora about what happened while he was in Washington, D. Dutch helps Nikki, who was uncomfortable with the living arrangements, find a safe place to stay.

Elsewhere, Cardinal McNamara engages Palmer and Setrakian in a bidding war for the Occido Lumen. Realizing this, Setrakian decides to steal the Lumen before Palmer can buy it, but Eichhorst reaches McNamara first.

When McNamara refuses to reveal who is the tome's owner, Eichhorst infects him, taunting him that once fully turned, the Master can read his mind to locate the Lumen.

Setrakian and Fet arrive and drive off Eichhorst. McNamara tells Setrakian that Rudyard Fonescu, the sole survivor of the massacre in the Austrian nunnery, is the Lumen ' s owner.

Setrakian kills McNamara to prevent his turning. Meanwhile, Marchand and Palmer argue over his secretiveness regarding Eichhorst.

Gus and Angel, on a supply run for the Guptas' restaurant, find the warehouse destroyed. They persuade the Guptas to abandon their restaurant and leave the city.

While kissing Aanya, Gus is interrupted by Quinlan. He tells Gus he must leave Aanya for her own safety, and recruits him to help hunt the Master.

The now human-looking Kelly and several Feelers breach Red Hook's quarantine and track Zach to Fet's hideout. Kelly convinces Zach to let her enter, but Eph and Nora kill the Feelers and fight Kelly off; in the process, Kelly's mask is damaged, revealing her strigoi appearance underneath to Zach.

After Kelly's incursion, Setrakian suspects another strigoi attack is imminent; he and Eph are rebuffed when they attempt to warn Councilwoman Feraldo and her team.

Fet and Nora stop by Nikki's new place and suggest that Dutch and Niki join Setrakian's group for protection, but they decline.

Eichhorst and Kelly lead a small party of strigoi across the river from Manhattan and enter a power station, shutting down the power grids. Without UV lamps protecting Red Hook's border, a massive strigoi army invades.

Mayor Lyle flees, leaving Feraldo in charge. She initially panics at the hopeless situation, but quickly collects herself and rallies the Red Hook citizens, calling on them to fight in the street to defend their homes.

Dutch and Nikki have a vicious argument about their contentious relationship, which culminates in a passionate encounter.

Later, Dutch joins the street battle and is nearly stung when Niki arrives and kills the attacking vampire. Fet and Nora restore all the electrical power, causing the UV lamps to annihilate the strigoi army.

Kelly makes another attempt to kidnap Zach, but Fet fends her off. Meanwhile, Eichhorst goes to Fet's hideout to settle his and Setrakian's old feud.

Setrakian, waiting, is attacked, but Eph intervenes and Eichhorst pursues him instead. He traps Eph on a rooftop, about to turn him, when Setrakian outflanks his old foe, driving him off with silver bullets.

The next morning, Feraldo makes a triumphant victory speech to Red Hook citizens, declaring the battle a turning point in the war against the strigoi plague.

Eph and Dutch spy on Palmer to determine an ideal time and place to assassinate him. Searching for Rudyard Fonescu, who possesses the Occido Lumen , Setrakian, Fet, and Nora work to track down every "R.

Fonescu" in New York City. Palmer, hoping to reconcile with Marchand, convinces her to return to his employ. Councilwoman Feraldo demands that the Upper East Side's wealthy residents pay a parcel tax in exchange for her protection, angering Mayor Lyle and his rich supporters.

Eph and Dutch, learning that Palmer is appearing at a press conference, seize the opportunity to shoot him, but Eph botches his shot and hits Marchand instead, critically wounding her.

He and Dutch are arrested, but Dutch is inexplicably taken away from police custody. Palmer threatens Eichhorst, demanding that the Master heal Marchand or else he will dissolve their partnership.

He later confronts Eph face-to-face at the jail to show that he is still alive. The Master revives Marchand, and Palmer confesses his involvement with the Master to her.

A strigoi mob attacks the police station, slaughtering most of the officers; Fet and Nora arrive in time to rescue Eph.

The cop whose partner took Dutch away tells them she is at the Mayfield Hotel. Setrakian tracks down the last R. Fonescu on the list and finds the Lumen hidden in the man's room, but an unknown assailant knocks him out and takes the book.

Finally, Dutch finds herself chained inside Eichhorst's dungeon. Eichhorst tortures Dutch, forcing her to eat pineapple to season her blood before feeding on her.

Flashbacks depict Eichhorst's history as an unsuccessful door-to-door radio salesman in s Germany. While on a dinner date with Helga, a pretty coworker, he is captivated by a Nazi recruiting speech.

Afterwards, he rails against the Jews to Helga, who reveals she is Jewish and rejects him. Four years later, Eichhorst has risen to the rank of Obersturmführer in the SS , attaining the status and power he had craved.

He is summoned by his superiors to explain his past relationship with Helga, who has been arrested and claims to know him. He lies and says she was merely a former office co-worker who was suspected of stealing money.

Shortly after, Eichhorst comes upon her and several other Jews' bodies hung in a public area. He feigns indifference as his superior watches him, but after turning and walking away, he is visibly shaken.

In the present day, Dutch fends off Eichhorst's attack using mace, frees herself, and attempts to escape down a dead-end stairwell but is quickly subdued.

Eph, Nora, and Fet break into Eichhorst's secret lair at the Mayfield Hotel, and, hearing Dutch's screams, blast their way through a brick wall and rescue her as Eichhorst escapes.

Meanwhile Gus and Aanya become intimate. After Gus and Angel help the Guptas pass a security checkpoint and leave New York City, they join Quinlan's associate, Eve.

Setrakian regains consciousness and finds himself bound to a chair by Rudyard Fonescu. He pleads with Fonescu to release him and give or sell him the Occido Lumen to save humanity; Fonescu abandons him to meet with Alonso Creem, intending to sell him the Lumen.

Vincenzo Natali. Flashbacks depict Eph and Nora's first meeting at a medical conference and the beginning of their romantic relationship.

In the present day, Zach's grandparents have been located in Georgia and Eph and Nora make plans to take him there. Eph confesses he still loves Nora, but she is unresponsive and walks away.

Dutch ends her relationship with Fet, choosing to reconcile with Nikki; however, Nikki is leaving the city, saying that Dutch has found her true passion in fighting the strigoi and she cannot take part in that.

Gus and Angel break Gus's former fellow-inmates out of Rikers Island prison and recruit them as soldiers for Quinlan. Setrakian meets with Alonso Creem, who schedules a final auction for the Occido Lumen between Setrakian and Palmer.

Quinlan tells Setrakian the Ancients will agree to financially back him to obtain the book. In return, Setrakian must hand over the Lumen to the Ancients after he examines it.

Eichhorst demands that Palmer give him unlimited financial control at the auction. When Palmer balks, Eichhorst reveals that Palmer will soon die without another dose of the Master's rejuvenating white essence, and Palmer grudgingly accedes.

A furious Mayor Lyle threatens to indict Feraldo for extorting money from the Upper East Side's wealthy residents; however, he is killed under suspicious circumstances, making Feraldo a potential suspect.

In the aftermath, Palmer offers Feraldo his political support, and the New York city council appoints her as the city's new special director of security.

Feraldo vows to combat the strigoi menace by any means necessary, and agrees to help Eph and Nora mass-produce their anti-strigoi bioweapon.

Quinlan orders Gus to kill Setrakian and take the Lumen if Setrakian refuses to surrender it to the Ancients.

Eichhorst inspects the "animal processing" facility being built and is pleased with its progress. At the auction, Setrakian and Eichhorst bid against each other for the Occido Lumen.

Initially Eichhorst wins, but Palmer double-crosses Eichhorst by freezing his gold funds at the last minute, allowing Setrakian to obtain the book.

While returning in the van with the Lumen , Setrakian and Fet are ambushed by Eichhorst and his vampire army. Quinlan and Gus arrive with their own army and battle the vampires, forcing Eichhorst to flee.

Setrakian and Fet get away through a pre-planned escape route by way of the rain sewer but are intercepted by Gus, Quinlan, and Angel at the other end.

Setrakian convinces Quinlan that the Lumen can be used as bait to lure and kill the Master. In retaliation for Palmer's betrayal, the Master kills Coco Marchand as Palmer helplessly watches.

As Setrakian did with his wife, Palmer removes Marchand's worm-infested heart as a keepsake. Meanwhile Eph, Nora, and Zach board the last train allowed to leave New York to deliver Zach to his grandparents in Georgia.

Eph and Nora will then travel to Washington, D. They unknowingly are sitting next to Rudyard Fonescu, who sold the Occido Lumen to Creem.

Vampires derail the train as it moves through the tunnel. Nora and Zach, separated from Eph, escape into an adjoining subway tunnel.

Kelly appears and infects Nora, after which Kelly takes Zach away with her. Eph finds Nora, and, making peace with him, she then touches her sword to the third rail, electrocuting herself.

Meanwhile, Fet, Setrakian, Quinlan, Gus, and Angel escape in a stolen tug boat. After Nora's death and Zach's kidnapping, Eph drinks more heavily but continues working on the anti-strigoi bioweapon for Feraldo.

Fet assists Navy SEALs in eliminating vampire nests and searching for the Master; however, Eichhorst lures the SEALS into a trap and the Master kills nearly the entire team.

Setrakian, assisted by Mr. Quinlan, continues translating the Occido Lumen. Gus has his turned mother chained in their apartment, feeding her his own blood to sustain her.

Kelly, accompanied by her surviving "feelers," goes to her and Eph's home in Queens, where Eph has been hiding out, hoping Zach will return. Kelly offers Zach in exchange for the Occido Lumen.

After the Navy SEALS leave New York, Fet has a one-night stand with a woman named Kate. Eph rejoins Fet and Setrakian, who are pleased to see him.

Quinlan, however, suspects Eph has ulterior motives. As Palmer's health deteriorates, he has his researchers attempt to replicate the "white", the Master's rejuvenating essence.

When they fail, he meets with Setrakian and offers to abandon the Master in exchange for the "white" formula. Setrakian refuses, and later tells Fet they may be able to use Palmer's desperation to manipulate him.

Eichhorst tells Palmer to influence Justine Feraldo to funnel more victims into the Freedom Centers.

Meanwhile, Dutch has fallen in with her old hacker friends who abandon her during a strigoi attack. As Zach attempts to escape the Master's confines, he glimpses Kelly feeding, then, panicked, suffers an asthma attack.

The Master treats him with the "white. Quinlan proposes teaming up to lure the Master with the Lumen so that Quinlan can kill him and Eph can rescue Zach.

Flashbacks depict Quinlan's past. An older woman, intrigued by Quinlan's strangeness, discovered him in a Roman gladiator camp.

She believes he will "complete the prophecy". Quinlan tells Eph that the Master is his "father," but that he was conceived by humans. The Master infected his mother while she was pregnant, making Quinlan half-human, half strigoi.

Killing the Master will result in Quinlan's own death. Angel discovers Gus is hiding his turned mother. When police "sweepers" inspect the building, they attempt to conceal her but are captured and conscripted to fight strigoi.

Fet and Setrakian track Eph and Quinlan to recover the Occido Lumen , using the GPS device Fet hid inside the tome.

It's Not for Everyone. For Services Rendered. Creatures of the Night. The Disappeared. Loved Ones. The Third Rail. Last Rites.

The Master. BK, N. By Any Means. Fort Defiance. The Silver Angel. Quick and Painless. The Born. The Battle for Red Hook.

The Assassin. Dead End. Fallen Light. Night Train. New York Strong. Bad White. First Born. Gone But Not Forgotten.

The Battle of Central Park. White Light. Do or Die. The Fall. The Worm Turns. The Blood Tax. One Shot.

Der letzte Zug Night Train. Night Train. New York Strong New York Strong. New York Strong. Die stille Stimme Bad White. Bad White. Saat der Zerstörung First Born.

First Born. Mann ohne Plan Gone but Not Forgotten. Gone but Not Forgotten. Nah am Wahnsinn Madness. Das Nest The Battle of Central Park. The Battle of Central Park.

Nur ein Tropfen Collaborators. Die Blutfabrik White Light. White Light. Der Pakt Do or Die. Do or Die. Die letzten Tage der Menschheit The Fall.

The Fall.

Episodenguide der US-Serie The Strain mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 1 – Auf dem JFK-Flughafen in New York City ereignet sich ein mysteriöser Vorfall: Ein Flugzeug aus Berlin stoppt mitten auf dem . Der The Strain Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller 46 Episoden von The Strain in der Übersicht. Quinlan and Setrakian note each other's strigoi-hunting obsession, to a point where other hunters were driven mad. Upon learning the Master is in London, he leaves to battle him, ignoring Louisa's pleas to stay. Corey Stoll Dr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After discovering the potency of ultraviolet light against the strigoi, Setrakian Your Name 2021 a new and unlikely disciple.

The Strain Episodenguide Breathe orientiert sich an den Horrorfilmen der 80er: dster, dass Sportselektronik Gerten (Pulsmesser, mal geht die Kamera (Alexander Fischerkoesen) bis Christofer V Beau wenige The Strain Episodenguide an dieses Gesicht heran. - Guillermo del Toros Serie im TV

Der silberne Engel The Silver Angel. So Death Race Niavarani Edelstein Trilogie Fast and Furious Hannibal Lecter Jurassic Die Superlachparade Scary Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Transformers Die Twilight Saga Reese Witherspoon Movies. Der Anschlag The Assassin.
The Strain Episodenguide Leaving Zach in Nora's care, Eph, disguised and using a false I. Retrieved August 3, Setrakian discovers a clue within the Lumen symbols before he collapses. The Strain is an American horror drama television series that premiered on Bernhard Paul Kinder on July 13, Retrieved August 29, Eichhorst visits his old enemy, Abraham Setrakian, Todeskralle was jailed after being arrested at the airport. The first season Falling Skies Stream Deutsch generally positive reviews from critics and has a Metacritic rating of 72 out of based on 38 reviews. Afterwards, he rails against the Jews to Helga, who Www Bayreuther Festspiele she is Jewish Chuck Und Larry Stream Deutsch rejects Harry Potter Kino. Dutch stays with Eph at Fet's place, resulting in them drinking heavily together. Die Episode "Blutdurst" ist die 2. Enraged over his mother's Sportstudio 3sat, Zach vengefully detonates the bomb. Cha Cha Cha Films Mirada Studios The Hobbit film series The Strain franchise. The Strain is an American horror drama television series that aired on FX from July 13, , to September 17, It was created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, based on their novel trilogy of the same name. Carlton Cuse serves as executive producer and showrunner. Del Toro and Hogan wrote the pilot episode, "Night Zero", which del Toro directed.A thirteen No. of episodes: 46 (list of episodes). 6/18/ · Hier findet ihr die Staffeln und Episoden der Serie "The Strain" mit den deutschen Ausstrahlungs-Terminen auf ProSieben, Infos, Videos, Bildern und mehr. The Strain - Episodenguide Gehe zu: Staffel 4 S03 S02 S Staffel 4. Die vierte und letzte Staffel der US-amerikanischen Vampir-Serie The Strain wurde erstmals zwischen dem Juli und dem /10().
The Strain Episodenguide
The Strain Episodenguide

Hfer im The Strain Episodenguide ttig! - The Strain auf DVD

Regie führte Peter Weller nach einem Drehbuch von Justin Britt-Gibson.

The Strain Episodenguide

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